Vision and Values

Our Vision

Unleashing potential
through inspiring
learning and experiences

Our Vision in Practice

Unleashing potential

We are helping people succeed through education. We are breaking down barriers and we operate with high energy and high engagement. We promote strength within our students and across the organisation. Most of all, we empower our students to achieve personal growth.


We aim to be uplifting, visionary and creative in order to make engaging and relevant courses that promote out of the box thinking and building connections.

Learning and experiences

Education is more than just what happens in the classroom. The entire experience of learning, community and industry mentorship should be our focus to ensure our students have the most positive outcomes.

Our Brand Promise

‘To reimagine education as empowering shared experiences between students, educators and industry which enables
people to achieve personal growth and fulfilling careers.’

Our Values

We keep our values simple and live by them every day. Our values guide our hiring decisions, our culture, and our strategic processes.

Be Bold

Courageous and forward thinking people who are inspired to deliver and support impactful innovation and growth strategies

Be Inclusive

Diverse and engaged teams who are agile, connected and aligned to putting collective success before individual achievements

Be Respectful

Honest and considerate people who show gratitude for the efforts of others and take responsibility for their actions

Be Excellent

Passionate and results driven people who are renowned for delivering great student experiences and outcomes