Company Overview

We Are NextEd Group

The NextEd Group (ASX:NXD) is one of the largest listed private education organizations in Australia. NextEd provides education and learning experiences to more than 25,000 students each year via 9 campuses in Australia and 16 recruitment offices around the world. The group delivers high quality courses across the English Language, Vocational and Higher Education sectors, to both domestic and international students. We share a vision to unleash potential through inspiring learning and experiences, ensuring graduates are equipped with the skills to fulfil their personal and career ambitions.

Across our team at the NextEd Group, we stand for learning and experiences that unleash your full potential no matter what stage of the journey you are at.

It’s our promise to our students, employees, industry partners, and shareholders. We unleash potential by boldly looking forward. We inspire our people to think outside the box, fuelling an energetic culture of innovation to forge new ways to collaborate, teach and experience education. We value diversity and inclusion, and we embrace continuous learning by collaborating with local and global communities.

Together we work to unleash life’s imagined potential where personal learning ambitions and fulfilling careers become lived experiences for our employees and students in Australia and around the world.

And that’s why we can proudly say the NextEd Group is unleashing potential through inspiring learning and experiences.

A Diverse Footprint

NextEd has a national footprint for delivery of its courses and programmes to both domestic and international students.

Our campuses are located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

Our locations

6 Businesses

6 Cities

9 Campuses

Education and Training

We offer a broad range of courses including English language (ELICOS), Management, Technology and Design, Business, Hospitality, Health, Community Services, Building & Construction and Technology.

From specialist computer coding boot-camps featuring structured industry internships, to online courses delivered to students around the world – our diverse course range and delivery methods enable us to access many different markets.

International Student Recruitment

NextEd has offshore recruitment offices in Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Philippines

NextEd actively recruits international students to study at more than 350 education providers across Australia, Canada, USA, UK and Europe. Each year, we engage with more than 50,000 prospective students and enrol more than 5,000 students into courses ranging from the English language to Masters Degrees via our 16 offices located across Europe, Latin America and Australia. 

Our student recruitment expertise means we can deliver targeted digital marketing and market penetration campaigns for our partner providers, and our own colleges in key international markets.

Industry Engagement

Our people are our greatest asset. NextEd’s senior executives are industry experts and are active participants in numerous education industry associations and advisory bodies.

Several of our team members serve on the boards of influential bodies such as IHEA, English Australia and StudyNSW, and our executive team regularly engage with government and regulatory bodies to actively participate in advocating for the advancement of the private tertiary education sector.

Our Vision and Values

NextEd has a strong values framework that encourages all staff to be Bold, Respectful, Inclusive and showcase Excellence at at all times.

These core values help us to deliver on our strategic vision which is all about “Unleashing potential through inspiring learning and experiences.


News & Achievements

Check out a range of news teams and key achievements for NextEd and our various businesses.


Our Board

NextEd’s directors are highly experienced and drawn from a diverse range of commercial and professional backgrounds. Each director brings a unique skillset to the Board to enhance organisational governance, strategic thinking, organisational culture, and business outcomes which deliver shareholder value.

Executive Team

Our executive team has strong capabilities and a wealth of relevant industry experience to deliver outstanding student experiences and outcomes.


Our has robust policies in place to ensure that the organisation is governed effectively.